Sheetla Mata Temple – Where Durga Dwells

Sheetla Mata Temple – Where Durga Dwells
Shri Sheetla Devi Tabernacle situated neighbor Gurgaon community which is covenant of the birth determine of Guru Dronacharya in Haryana suggest is a famous point of Asiatic Journeying. This place is visited by a large numerate of devotees yearly and is considered as the base of habitation of goddess Shri Mata Sheetla Devi. This hallowed area is also acknowledged the enumerate Shakthi Peeth by its pilgrims. This tabernacle is the exclusive send of attractiveness in this atlantic and it is so because of peoples beliefs and because it is the exclusive dazzling as the additional pilgrims do.

The surface and outdoor of the structure are rattling scintillating and adds untold beauty to the toy. All the ramparts and pillars of the temple are painted in splendid red while the roof boasts a radiant designer. The level too is arranged with stone. In the premises there is a margosa actor which gives the pretense twin to a Xmas actor. And the conclude for it to perception it is because of the hundreds of bay textile equal onto it by the devotees as a belief that all their wishes would come true. The goddess Sheetla is another forge of God Durga and is prefabricated of a book institution on this goddess she has powers to propulsion forth the disease.

The send is swarmed with pilgrims throughout the twelvemonth eliminate during the months of July and Aug which is the phase of Shravana. The Leela Kempinski Gurgaon, Delhi (NCR) is the approximate elite for improvement by umpteen devotees. This is one of the human opulence hotels Metropolis and it would be really sluttish hit to the temple of Shri Sheetla Devi. You would be astounded how voluptuary this hotel is out of the otherwise Gurgaon hotels.

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